Talking publicly about Checklist for ICT Interventions to Support Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings

On August 29th I will be one of the presenters to this important webcast. Until writing those lines here there are around 200 who registered for the event. I did not finalize my PPT, however, I am very excited about it. THis is the final stage of a collaborative work between INEE & ECCN to develop this checklist, a checklist that would help practitioners who have an ICT componenet within their educatinal initiatives to use that componenet in a highly conflict sensitive manner. It was a process with a couple of iterations until it reached this final stage. 

ECCN and INEE’s Technology and Education in Crises Task Team (TECTT) are jointly hosting this webcast to introduce a new tool called the Checklist for ICT Interventions to Support Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings (or ICT in EiCC Checklist). This information communication technologoy (ICT) tool was developed as a collaboration between ECCN members and staff and INEE TECTT members to help ensure that ICT interventions supporting education activities in communities impacted by conflict and crisis are conflict sensitive.
Join us as we provide an in-depth overview of the ICT in EiCC Checklist and learn first-hand how you might apply it to your own work. Click on hte link above to read about the presenters:
Tony Bloome
James Rogan
Mona Younes
Simon Richmond