HOW TO PLAN, DESIGN AND MANAGE ACCELERATED EDUCATION IN A CRISIS CONTEXT is the title of a course developed to be provided online for refugee educators, teachers and facilitators.

During the Summer Workshop on Sustainable Blended Learning, that I have attended (August 6th - 9th) in NY, I was asked to choose a topic for my course. I had to think throroughly, all the others came from the academia and were developing their curricula online. I decided to make it on AE, becasue this is a topic:
- I am so passionate about
- I have a good understanidng about, due to my work on a consultancy peieve with UNHCR related to AE in the MENA region.
- I know that there is material in Arabic, and the platform on which the course is being developed in also compabtible with the Arabic language.

Below is a snapshot about the 4 week modular course develped on EUREKOS, Carey INstitute's platform:

For whom is this course intended?

This course is intended for educators, teachers, facilitators and practitioners who deal or interact with refugee and displaced learners in a crisis setting and who are interested to know more about how to plan, design and manage AEPs. As this course deals mostly with the 'learning aspect' of the AEPs and not with the managerial aspects of them, the course will benefit more those who are working on an operational level.

What are the key areas covered in this course?

This course will cover the following
  • Different programmes provided to accelerate learning in crisis settings
  • Different educational challenges in crisis settings
  • The 10 key principles of AE
  • A tool to analyze the internal and external environments of AEPs (SWOT Analysis)
  • The concept of ‘flexibility’
  • Language issues
  • Condensing & accelerating curricula
  • Accelerated Learning Pedagogy
  • Tools to design solutions to AE problems (Problem-Solution Tool).

What are the course's learning objectives?

At the end of the course the learners will be able to:
  • understand the basic concepts and componenets of 'accelerated education' in crisis context.
  • understand the main componenets of the 10 Principles for Effective Practice
  • identify how to solve the language issue
  • construct a condensed curriculum based on principles of AE
  • identify issues related to the 'learner' within AEPs
  • apply Accelerated Learning Pedagogy


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