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The Cyber Safety Learning Programme

The Cyber Safety Learning Programme   While working for ictQATAR (now Ministry  of  Transport and Communications, MOTC)  as Sr.  eLearning Specialist I managed a  multi-million project,  that aimed to provide K- 12 teachers  (across all schools) with multi-media rich, interactive  and high-quality learning resources that instil Cyber Safety principles and good practices.  The programme consists of 300 learning activities (in English and Arabic) with over 100  learning resources (videos, quizzes, animations etc.) linked to the school curriculum that  educates students on the safe and responsible use of ICT.  The programme that is now given the name "Hasseen= Arabic word for SHIELD", provides  teachers with a searchable database, that can help them to select the learning resource according to grade, subject area, main cyber safety topic or the curriculum standard they  would like to implement in their instruction.  

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